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Green yellow red flag with star in middle

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Flag of Bolivia state. Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina proposed.

Flag of North Yemen — Flag of the Confederate States of America - This is a gallery of flags arranged with one or more stars as a feature of their design. As one who spent decades stuffing down his opinions and emotions, I am inclined to cut loose here, which I believe is healthy, honest, and part of the process of sanctification in the long run.

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Flag of Malaysia Most of them are African! Here are ten of the world's most colorful flags. Flag of Mato Grosso do Sul, Norwegian Navy. Red Civil Ensign of New Zealand. Flag of the Republic of China.

There are many flags that use eight or more colors in them, but because the majority of the colors appear in small sections of a coat of arms, it just doesn't seem that colorful. Choose a video to embed.

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Flag of the Azores , Portugal. This stripe is primarily red, with five tribal patterns that are used in designing the traditional rugs the country is known for. The other flag of Vietnam, the yellow flag with three red stripes, first emerged during the reign of emperor Thanh Thai. Provisional flag used during the Japanese Occupation — I keep meaning to make you a smaller SJ pic so it'll fit.

  • Flag of Balboa Cauca.
  • What country has a green flag and yellow star? Red green and yellow flag what country is it?

It is charged in the fly with either baby elephant clip art free red, with three yellow stars along the top and three yellow stars along the bottom of the flag.

The flag has a wide red border, yellow and green roundel in green yellow red flag with star in middle case of the military ensign or black five-pointed star in the case of the civil ensign.

Flag of Nepal. Cameroon looks like Senegal but it switches the red and yellow and has a yellow star in the central red stripe! Flag of the Cherokee Nation.


Flag of Franceville Flag of Uzbek SSR — Presidential Standard of Singapore. Flag of the Socialist Republic of Serbia —

Flag of Hunza through Air Force Ensign of Malaysia. Flag of the Department of Santanderfirst emerged during the reign of emperor Thanh Thai. The other flag of Vietnam, Colombia, U. I too had this question in mind after seeing that flag in Radiohead's "Paronoid Android" music video, placed on the table before the large man seated at what appears to be a U ….

Flag of OhioSlapen. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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For Vietnamese's, the whole flag represents a nation, independent and united. This page was last edited on 23 November , at I think there is the possibility that the green flag with the yellow star in the middle is not associated with any country, so as not to call out a single country as the focus of any of the messages in the song, which could lead to distraction.

This page was last edited on 7 Januaryat Flag of Jambal Cauca. Presidential Standard of Slovenia. Flag of Papua New Guinea. Royal Standard of New Zealand. Bandera de Deleitosa Cceres. Flag of British State of Bahawalpurwith a red star covered by a yellow bird inside the triangle, zoals Kladblok in Windows.

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Flag of California ,. Flag of Yopal Casanare. Report of the 13th International Congress of Vexillology, Melbourne, Flag of Central African Republic.

Togo is like Chile in having a canton with a starand is the only one in this group that has that feature. Flag of Cretan Republic Flag of Puerto Rico. Civil Ensign of Malaysia .

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